Q: Are my travel arrangements included in my package with EOT?

A: No, it is the Supplier or Buyers responsibility to arrange their own travel to and from the event. We do take care of the rest though!


Q: I have never attended one of these events before, what can I gain from attending one with EOT?

A: By attending one of EOT’s events, we save you time, money and give you the opportunity to network and build new working relationships with the right people, therefore maximising your sales potential.


Q: As a Supplier, am I paying the same package rate as all the other Suppliers attending?

A: Yes, we don’t think it would be fair to charge any of our Suppliers different rates! After all, you are all attending the same event.


Q: What if I have a client in mind that I would like to work with?

A: Tell us! We can then try to ensure that client attends our event and ensure you are matched up with that client for a one-to-one meeting.


Q: How does EOT differ from the other networking events companies out there?

A: EOT are different! We are not your typical corporate company and we are proud of that. Our events are fun, exclusive, innovative and come with a few unique twists along the way. You deserve to be treated like royalty at the end of the day and that is what we recognise.

Q: At what point do we get our personal meeting agenda?

A: We guarantee that you will get your agenda at the very least three weeks prior to the event. We understand that you need time to prepare and research our delegates for those important meetings.

Q: What if I’m attending the event, but my colleague also wants to attend?

A: That’s great. The more the merrier! Just get in contact and we can get them booked on.

Q: How do I make a complaint?

A: We are sorry to hear you wish to make a complaint. We are always happy to try and resolve any issue you may have. Simply pop an email over to and we will get back to you within 5 working days.


Q: I want to stay at the venue an extra night, can you arrange this for me?

A: No, should you wish to stay an extra night either side of the event, we would recommend that you make your own booking arrangements to accommodate this.


Q: When will I receive my booking information and confirmation?

A: As soon as you complete your booking form and settle any outstanding invoice amounts, we will post out your personal welcome and thank you pack.


Q: Can I advertise my company on your website?

A: Yes, we are more than happy to advertise other companies on our website. Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss this further.


Q: What do I do if I wish to claim a refund/cancel my place or exchange?

A: This is provided on our website under our terms and conditions section, alternatively you can find this in your welcome pack, which we send out to all Buyers and Supplier who have signed up to our events.


Q: Will there be any Car Parking at the venue?

A: EOT will always try to ensure there is suitable secure parking at the venue.